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This week Joe explores Online Findom. There’s so much to say about consensual human ATM kink transactions, that we have a two-part special on this subject. In this show, Part One, we chat to Judas, AKA ‘Demon Daddy’ from Portugal, who explains that in prostitution, money is for sex. In Findom, money IS the sex! And Judas has found there to be no end of people who long to be dominated, humiliated and relieved of their cash for sexual kicks….

Want to read more on the topic? Check out my article on Psychology Today: http://bit.ly/2MIsw8E

Speaker 1:        Welcome to smart sex, smart love. We’re talking about sex goes beyond the taboos and talking about love goes beyond the honeymoon. I’m dr Joe court. Thanks for tuning in.

Speaker 1:        Hey everyone. This week’s episode is a special extended show. It’s going to be a part one and part two all about fin Dom financial domination when turning over one’s money is a turn-on. Many men and women have discovered that being forced, quote unquote, forced to pay someone to verbally abuse and command them to perform degrading tasks can be sexually satisfying. My guest this week, fin Dom master Judas Christ, has found there seems to be no shortage of people who long to be dominated, humiliated, and relieved of their money. Judas, AKA demon daddy from Portugal, has made his Mark with these consensual human ATM kink transactions experienced in online femdom. I’m sorry, experienced an online fin. Dom Judas is a moderator at a male to male fin Dom website masters, cash.com. We also have a woman in the studio named Jess, who’s also dabbled in a financial domination with submissive men. She’ll be adding to the conversation to welcome Judas and welcome Jess.

Speaker 3:        Hello? Hello. Alrighty.

Speaker 1:        Yeah. Good evening to you, right, because what time is it in [inaudible]

Speaker 3:        yeah. To me it’s, it’s, it’s six o’clock. So, all right. It’s kind of starting to go dark now.

Speaker 1:        All right. All right. We’re, we’re just in the morning here, our afternoon. So, um, why don’t we start, if you wouldn’t mind, people are gonna think, what is fin Dom? What is financial domination? Can you explain that?

Speaker 3:        Well, yeah, I can try to, uh, financial domination as a King Corp as a fetish, um, is the, um, the friends action of money from someone. Normally a sub, meaning they will be on a lower rank than the master or the Dom. Uh, and someone will be forcefully or the rebel, the deliberately, sorry if my English isn’t perfect, I’m Portuguese, if you don’t mind. Uh, so it is just the sending of money or did taking of the money normally? Um, in theory, uh, most of the people that do this, uh, thinking of the great, um, fin subs, the ones that are attribute the most money, normally, they can’t really get any relief off their, off their personal life. They need to let go in some way that they’re not, uh, able to, um, most of the times it’s right everything. They tried, uh, sex, they tried, um, to add other gangs.

Speaker 3:        They try to beat the Dom’s themselves when they find it. Uh, really, really releasing when they give up the money, when they give up the heart hours that it put into that money because money is work hours and work hours given to someone is basically your life. So there’s no a difference. There’s nothing more out, more brutal than taking someone’s paycheck right after they got it right. Uh, and it’s like a virtual part of the BDSM trend. Uh, so it’s, it’s taking the BDSM to another virtual level when money has to exist. So the power that would exist on nom, uh, contact base doesn’t, so the money’s transferred and that makes them feel good and makes us feel good.

Speaker 1:        So I’m glad you said that about the BDSM. So bondage, discipline, sadomasochism for our listeners so that when people are surrendering, they usually think of that you’re surrendering your body, right? They’re tying, being tied down, their impact, play, spanking, slapping of being flogged. But in this case, uh, the eroticize, it says a surrendering erotic surrendering is money. That’s the power exchange.

Speaker 3:        Yes. Yes. This time it’s different. Most of the times it’s uh, it’s not only the money, it comes with something else, but the money being the central part of it. Um, that’s why I said it’s, it’s like an extension of the, the uh, the BDSM part, as you said. Uh, but still, yes. The, the, the full growth part of this is the money. And for me, mostly as I’m a, um, I’m not gay, neither bisexual, so I don’t get any, um, I’m some straight male, so I’m attracted to females. Uh, so I could get some type of sexual benefit from this, right. With the male subs that I don’t, uh, I do get others’ satisfaction from it, but that has to do with my mental high. What would a, the power surge that I get when I have someone in control, when I, when I know that someone will do what I want or Warren were displaying some kind of task or some kind of humiliating uh, thing.

Speaker 1:        So let’s break that down. I love everything you just said. And you know, my work, a lot of my current work is about straight men who have sex with men or have sexual exchanges or some kind of power exchange where one of the man or both of the men are, um, having some kind of sexual interest or, or energy. Um, and so people are going to say, they’re going to hear you saying this and say, hold on. You’re taking money from men who are doing this sexually and you’re saying you’re not gay. How could that be? Can you explain that?

Speaker 3:        I mean, yeah. Uh, let’s see. Uh, let’s, let’s picture this in another way. Cause fin Dom is done in the real life mostly without people noticing. And I got some really normal examples for you. Um, girl and attractive girl that, um, is in high school, right? She’s in high school. And most guys will try to give her stuff or at least give her attention if she really wants to, she can use them cause she just, she just needs to say it. Right. You just need to get there and say, Hey I want this. And they will get it to her cause they worship her. That’s what they want. They want attention. They want contact. They don’t want sex per se cause that’s unattainable. They know they can’t have it. Right. And as they know they can have it, they will try to do the best thing next to it to, to beat up the best cause it’s, it’s not done. It’s not, it’s not going to happen. And that in the mind of I’m in, in my mind, in my experience with, with most males, um, some really hated and don’t want anything to do with it. Right. With, with me being a straight up Dom. But others really like that part because they feel like I’m, I’m more in control cause I’m not bended by sex. Right. So they try to bend me. They try to, but they can wait cause I won’t,

Speaker 1:        well, you’re going too fast. I like what you said before. So you were normalizing it. You’re saying, look there, there’s a, just this normal tradeoff between males and females, right? There’s a young woman or any woman who is being, uh, where the guy is trying to quarter through financial reward and gifts and that kind of thing. And she, and she’s not necessarily turning this into something sexual. She might be enjoying the gifts that the guy’s giving her. Is that what you mean? Yup, exactly. So you’re saying,

Speaker 3:        and, and the same in the same high school, uh, there’s bullies, right? And there’s guys that are bullied. I’m not saying that every guy that was bullied, uh, obviously liked it cause most didn’t. I was bullied myself in school and I hated it. Uh, I really can’t figure it out. Um, why would I wrote the size it, but I know that some do. The, the first, uh, big, um, I’m going to say that barium, uh, cash rape, this is a term that we use normally in fin Dom related to a big, um, a big, um, a big prize pool or a big, a big, uh, a big number. So the first time I took three numbers from someone was 600 euros from a straight dude that was younger than me. And, uh, what I had to do to get it was actually bullying him. Uh, cause he explained to me that, um, in high school he was bullied, uh, by a smaller kid than him and it was with his girlfriend. And that made him feel, um, arouse the, he described it as it is Nirvana when she, she went away and he just felt humiliated. And the other kids laughing and everything about it, all the degradation and humiliation that would normally make someone feel bad, even though he’d made them feel unsafe, it made me, it made him also feel, um, warm and, um, cared for and weirdly aroused.

Speaker 1:        This is fascinating to me as a therapist, right? Because you think, is this something that became erotic or was it already erotic inside him? And when it happened, it was naturally exciting for him, right? So a lot of therapists would say, no, no, no, he eroticized this is not normal. And what I love about our conversation in these two parts is going to be normal is what is normal to the person. So someone else may want heteronormative, penis and vagina sex and that works for them. But for other people being hiring you and bullied in the same

Speaker 4:        way they were as a kid, that felt good then feels good. Now that’s what happened. Right? Obviously.

Speaker 3:        Yeah. And, and I, I tend to, obviously I have some limits and I, uh, I don’t do some types of things. Uh, the, the main things will be, obviously they will not affect anyone else besides them. Uh, if they’re married, you don’t have kids. I won’t do, um, as much damage as I would do normally. Uh, and obviously

Speaker 4:        I,

Speaker 3:        since you do either a before care session and an aftercare session online, which is weird for most and I do it live on masters. Gosh sometimes on the other dorms I’ll feel weirded out because I taught, taught normally two to two people like before your, your sub, your your person. Right? We’re all girl persons. It doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense if it is 24, seven cause if it is 24, seven then it’s probably a mental problem. Okay. Cause no one should see this as a full regimen. It’s a fart. It’s a fetish. It’s something that people fantasize about and we bring it to life. So everything should be okay as long as it doesn’t affect others and it doesn’t hurt the person itself. Uh, in um, non good way, non good way meaning that they will destroy themselves.

Speaker 4:        Right. So you’re really careful. Like you’re, you’re not just saying giving your money and they give them your money and you don’t care. You’re, you have to beginning, I wasn’t at the beginning. I wasn’t. When when you see the money flowing into start, you don’t really care then that’s a big message do to best you do. Everyone listening that this isn’t like, Oh this is easy money you made online and I’ll just have to post pictures naked and I’ll know I don’t post pictures naked. I work people’s minds. This is a different thing. I’m not an ex escort. No one pays me for sex. Neither do they pay for any type of service beyond what I offer. I may offer ’em something related to bondage. Some they even close to sex cause I, I may may make people do something but I won’t do it.

Speaker 4:        So it’s different. I want to make sure that people understand when you say make them or take their paycheck, this is all consent and all pre-negotiated with people. I’m doing all this online so I don’t have the power to actually do it myself. Right. They have to click the button, they have to put my email there. I have to put my number, they have to put everything. Yes. So I’m not really obliging someone to do it. I’m just taking them there. Right, right. And you’re role play. It’s a role play that you’re taking my money, but really they’re giving you their money and yes. Right. And it’s a feeling of being dominated again and in the best. Um, there’s a couple of things I do. Uh, and w meaning, um, kink related or fetish related. One of the things I like to do to most as to do an intoxication, uh, and that will get someone drunk or high.

Speaker 4:        Uh, and then I’ll commend them with that. I tend to be over careful cause I had some experiences in the past when people send it more than what they should and actually yet to send it back. Okay. Otherwise they will just like star after that cause they weren’t really drunk and made a stupid decision to send me like 600 bucks. Well no on the last night. Right. And then the next day to message me crying and saying that they don’t have money to eat. Okay. All right. So obviously, yeah. So then you right thing, you care enough where you’re going to let some, I know that some people don’t, some people like Sarah you said that this money people won’t care enough. Okay, let’s not cover this in and breathe things cause it’s not, most people won’t do this. Right. And I think it’s important to you, you’re seeing terms, I want everyone to understand a Dom, a fin dumb is financial dominating a financial Dom as fin sub is a financial sob.

Speaker 4:        And when you say cash rape, people aren’t going to know what cash rate mean. What does that mean? Yeah, exactly. Gas rape is the act of taking the money off a sub or the sub sending it either by arounds or with some type of game or just straight up taking for men from him. Um, and it’s the act of taking money from a sub of a female or male gash master or orphan Dom taking the money from a fin sub that’s gas rate. So do you do women too? It’s not just men. Uh, yes. Uh, gladly. I do women too. I have a few cash sleeves. There are not as many as the men. Uh, but yes, I do. How was it different with women who want to do it? Um, like is it the same for them now? More so to same, uh, I tended to notice that female wants to be exposed more. Um, and by exposed, uh, it’s the, the King of being exposed as normally, um, something degrading related to sexual terms. Um, either there are really normal and vanilla in their normal life and they want to be really kinky. So they post pictures of themselves or have someone like me posting pictures of themselves telling them they’re my property. Um,

Speaker 5:        okay.

Speaker 4:        Then the man, the man normally, even if they want to be degraded, uh, as they know, they like as they know I’m straight. So they tend not to try as much as the woman tried to, to be central. Yeah. To be sexual. Yeah. Okay. So the women, so the, with, with their permission, they want to have you treat them like property and expose them on like websites or Twitter or what? Yeah, Twitter normally websites as well. I like master sketch as well. Uh, the other side where I started, it’s called eBay’s dot com. It’s, I’m more of a fin dumb, uh, female to two male, uh, financial domination kind of thing. But I started there and then, um, where I got my first straight, uh, a sub, the one that I talked about.

Speaker 1:        Okay. You know, the first time I heard about this, I read on an article, I’ll never forget it, it was about financial domination or whatever, and the w and um, the author was writing that, uh, she, the, uh, wife had found, um, texts going back and forth between he and a finned, um, a female. And uh, well she didn’t know that though. It was just to a woman that he, she started seeing was having an affair with him. And uh, but she said, you know, I have your credit card information, I have all your banking stuff. I have pictures of you naked, I own you and I’m blackmailing you and you better pay me or I’m going to tell your wife. So this caught her attention like, Oh my God, like, forget the infidelity for a minute. We’re in trouble only to find out that her husband got off on all of this. It was play black male play. You know, he, she did have all these accounts and all the access to money, but it didn’t, she would never do this to him. It was all the threat of that caused him and, right. So then unpacking that, imagine, I’m trying to unpack that in a therapy session because it’s the woman, the wife is feeling like, you know, wait, you cheated on me. But then there’s this whole fetish that’s involved too. Have you ever seen stuff like that?

Speaker 4:        Actually, he didn’t really cheated on her. He just desired someone online and sent her money. Absolutely. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t consider that cheating as a definition. At least for me. Right. I w I wouldn’t be Brittany bombed if I found out that my, uh, obviously my wife was sending someone like money and craving them, but I wouldn’t consider it cheating.

Speaker 1:        I agree with you. But the women that come in my office and even the man, they do, but I’m with you. That’s normal. That’s normal. Normally love isn’t rationalized. So I wouldn’t, so do you have people, but do you have people and do you do like the blackmailing? Like if you don’t do this?

Speaker 4:        I did. I did like Melinda passed, like my fetish. Uh, I don’t really enjoy it as I think, I mean, I enjoy doing it. Uh, I’m not going to lie. I’m going to be honest about it. I found out which then Dom that I’m a, um, I enjoy a sadism. I enjoy seeing people are in pain and, uh, I enjoy mostly seeing people begging, uh, and wonder, truly humiliated or a borderline, almost wanting to leave the session. I, I really enjoyed that chilling. Um, why? Tell us why and what is it about? I really, I don’t know. What is it? Uh, um, it’s weird. I don’t get aroused. Uh, I don’t get a boner. Okay. I don’t get an erection, but I do get a mental rush that I don’t get with anything else. I, I, I, I normally laugh really loud. I don’t really laugh with, with, with the string that I normally don’t.

Speaker 4:        Uh, and, um, and it’s, it’s of, it’s kind of a mental high that I didn’t get with anything else. I can’t really describe it in any way possible without that. Normally, if I do really good win in one night, if I have like really good again, cash rape, uh, I’ll be really psyched out through the morning and I won’t sleep cause I’m, I’m excited. Um, I’m still feeling the rushing. Uh, I mean it, it, it, it asks him down, it comes down with time, but I’ll never forget the first time I even got like 10 euros or 20 euros, I felt it like that. And, and that made me stay. So what, what is it that you won’t do? Like if somebody contacts you and says, Hey, I want to do fin dominant and I’ll be your fin sob and I want to, don’t, I won’t do permanent Merrick markings on anyone or I won’t tell him to do it.

Speaker 4:        Only will do it if it is like a tattoo and if it’s something bearable. And obviously I’m accounted for from me and the person, uh, no, no blade play online, no type of, um, cuts online, uh, nothing related to, um, erotic, uh, situation or overriding auto situation, online breastplate. Right. You know, won’t do breath pop. Yeah. Not online. I’ll do it. Uh, I’ll, I’ll do a proper training. Um, I’ll do no one’s gonna know what that means. What are poppers? Yeah, yeah. Popper is our, um, liquid that it’s made to sniff for, uh, to bid on, um, on a room to NBN dies the room, uh, and is uh, uh, fro DZ yak, you should call it like that. Um, and it’s made to, um, let the muscles loose and gets you a mental high for a couple of seconds while again, you’re proceeding that act of sex.

Speaker 4:        Um, there’s a lot of views of poppers in the gay community. Um, and I found out what fin Dom, I didn’t you, uh, also end up BDSM related community and again, and defend ’em online. Uh, part of that. There’s a lot of abusive poppers, so there’s a lot of subs. Um, we, we normally call them, and I’m going to say the word even though I don’t really like to say it, but I’ll say it eventually and I really, um, want to pause to explain it. Um, fags or faggots as the name says it, uh, is used in the scene normally into male to male financing. Pretty. Um, usually just to describe a sub cause mostly they’re gay man after, um, someone that is straight or bisexual but does not consider himself a faggot. And the gays, uh, they get that and they, the, the faggots that do consider themselves consider themselves that. Uh, so it’s not C it’s seen as, um, [inaudible] there were good Tory term derogatory. Is that a derogatory thing? Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Term but on the roleplay. So it’s not, it’s not real. I’m not an homophobe and I’m don’t use the word in my normal life. Uh, cause I, I hate it. But again, online. I do.

Speaker 1:        I like what you’re saying. Yeah. So, let me just, I’m going to, cause we did this with miles striker and he explained it as well. You know, the, um, the, the male subs, even if they’re straight want to be, they’re still called fags and even but dominant masters who are gay, they’re not called fags. Fag is just a humiliating, a derogatory term. Like you’re saying that and that’s the roleplay being called a faggot is arousing to the person who’s being called that. Right,

Speaker 4:        exactly. And their own, they normally wanted one to be called that and they like it verbally abused is really common. Um, you mean litigation is really common but mostly they got off on verbal abuse. Uh, and the term, again, faggot will come out a lot as uh, as that, uh, it referring persons or people or subs as it’s the things, right. So they were not actual people. Right.

Speaker 1:        Totally objectified or be a really be a human ATM. Like we said in the intro, they just want you to use them for money. I’ve had clients where they hire a Dom and they, all they do is go to an ATM. The Dom meets them there, they pull out the money that the Dom says, $200, whatever. And the Dom, um, fin Dom would spit in his face, maybe slap him, throw him to the ground and walk away. And that’s the exactly. And he’s excited and happy.

Speaker 4:        And that is called a Kashmir. Oh

Speaker 1:        there’s a word for it. Okay. So it’s a cash meet. Okay.

Speaker 4:        A cash meet. Yeah. Catch me where, where you just need a sub, uh, you’ll drive him to the UTM or he’s going to like have you going to his car or something where he has the money and then you gotta have a small talk and you’ll do whatever you want to him. Uh, you’ll do the Dom right and you will get off of it. But normally they’re sharp, short, really short and counters, they’re really sweet. Sweet. Cause they’re like, they, they are almost in real life. Right. Cause there’s people around, everyone is noticing. Oh but at the same time, no one really cares. Right. Yeah. Cause um, in my experience at least that to gash meats and no one intervene. Um, you know, again, the, the person after talk to me and I talked to him and I hugged him and then I went away. Wait supply, always, Ugh, my subs. Okay. So I meet them.

Speaker 1:        Right? So there’s a real well before we go there. So I always wonder though, you know, there’d be, you’re being filmed when you go to that teller machine, right? So there you are. There they are. And if you’re, if there’s an exchange of bullying, I wonder, I always wonder, does the bank watch that and would they call the person and say, it

Speaker 4:        will only, they will only watch that if the person calls and says, Oh, Rob or something. Otherwise they wouldn’t, I say, well that’s the risk of a Dom, isn’t it? That that could happen. That could happen at any time. Right. That’s the most difficult part. Or where they’re like gray area about it. That’s why I said I don’t do that much, uh, related to blackmail cause consensual blackmail. Even though it is a thing, it is not a thing legally. Okay.

Speaker 1:        Oh, good point. Yeah.

Speaker 4:        So if, if that guy that you told me about wanted to press charges against that lady, that, that fin Dom lady that was actually making blackmail, it wouldn’t matter if they had an agreement cause she did blackmailed him. It’s there.

Speaker 1:        I think it’s really important. If you don’t mind, I want to just put on my therapist hat for a minute cause people are gonna listen to this. I’m sure some people would laugh and some people would, you know, like how could this be anything? And we’re going to have to stop in a minute and we’ll come back when we, um, you know, to do part two. But I just want to say that this is really, if people can forget the money part and the Dom and the sub, it’s really about, um, surrendering, letting someone else be in control, pretending to yourself, you know, you want this but you don’t have the nerve to let yourself know you want this. So you, you turn it over to the Dom. It’s like, so then you make me do this. So I don’t have to feel the guilt that I wanted this, you know, the guilt from my religion, the guilt from my marriage, guilt from my, how I feel about myself. So there’s a lot of psychology and the mental part that’s very, very, that’s gotten eroticized and it’s, and it’s play, you know, like people say, why would somebody want them to take their money and take their paycheck? And because it’s, they’re playing with it and people are, they there, there’s a budget for it. Even if they go too far over their budget, it’s the eroticism of playing on the edge with a powerful thing. Money. Would you agree with that?

Speaker 4:        Yeah, totally. Totally agree with that. And it’s about like getting to know the triggers. What makes that person think? Because every person is a person. Every sub is a sub. Everyone inside them is a huge, huge universe with a lot of things that will affect the person and will drive them to fear or drive into excitement or both. And that has to be, um, known person has to be, uh, destroyed first in order to be, but it back. But it back together again in, um, a constructive way if they’re too destructive to themselves or just just getting to know what there are. So you can use it to your advantage again, using them as something, as a property, as a thing. And they do get off of it. Yes. If you forget the money, that’s the, that’s what he wants to control.

Speaker 1:        So we’re going to end this first part, but where can people find you before we end so that they know how to get in touch with you if they want to?

Speaker 4:        Well, I got my, uh, my Twitter, it’s at demon daddy, Judas. I also, uh, as was sad, I am, I’m a moderator at a male to male fin dumb, um, website. It’s like a community up that’s called masters cash. You can have me there, uh, talking to you almost every day. Uh, and I have my arm Skype, Skype, uh, email as well. Great. And we’re going to, I’ll go ahead. No, I’ll, I’ll leave it, um, as a text.

Speaker 2:        Okay. Yeah, we’re going to leave it on the website too. It’ll be that. I just wanted people to know. Thank you for this first half hour. We’re going to come back and talk with you for part two.

Speaker 4:        Thank you very much. Okay, I’ll be delighted. All right.

Speaker 2:        Thanks for listening to this episode of smart sex, smart love. I’m dr Joe court and you can find me on Joe kort.com that’s J O E K O R t.com. See you next time.

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